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Photo Anneke Peire

Marc Peire (left) in conversation with poet Jan van der Hoeven. Photo Anneke Peire

Anne Adriaens-Pannier (left) in conversation with poetess Clara Hasaert. Photo Anneke Peire

07.02.2004 'Luc Peire 10 years deceased'

Poetic and musical commemoration with poet-reciter Wouter M. Hessels, musicians Marc Peire and Patrick Peire.
Clara Hasaert, Jan van der Hoeven and Jaak Fontier read from their own work inspired by Luc Peire's art.

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07/02/2004 From the guest book

Since the opening (5 July 2003) there has been a guest book in the exhibition area of the Jenny & Luc Peire Foundation. Many visitors write in it their admiration, appreciation, memories. Some testimonies are in picture form.
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Photo Anne-Marie Depoorter

24.08.2004 Poetry-music Performance 'From Guido Gezelle to Paul Van Ostaijen to phonetic poetry' by poet-reciter Wouter M. Hessels and recorder player Marc Peire

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Chairman Roland De Brock (left) and Serge Goyens de Heusch. Photo Marc Peire

26.08.2004 Lecture 'Luc Peire and Gaston Bertrand' by Serge Goyens de Heusch

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Photo John Roels

05.08.2005 Presentation of the standard work 'Luc Peire. Catalogue Raisonné of the Oil Paintings (Lannoo, Tielt, 2005).

Patrick-Gilles Persin, Vice-President of the Foundation, addresses the large gathered audience. He praises the authors Marc Peire, Els Soetaert and Jaak Fontier for their hard work and years of research. Paul Van Calster of Anagram is also honoured for his thorough editorial work and for the original layout of the book.
The presentation event is animated by poet-reciter Wouter M. Hessels who also presents his own occasional poetry.
"An indispensable reference work and also an attractive book. What more can one have?" Rik Sauwen, OKV tento, Antwerpen, year 43, 2005/3, 07-08-09.2005, p.46

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The 'Catalogue Raisonné' is on sale in the KIOSK, click here.

Photo John Roels

21.08.2005 Lecture on Luc Peire's art by art essayist Jaak Fontier

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Photo Els Soetaert

18.11.2006 Art with Class ‘Spotlight on Luc Peire’

'Class' teachers visit the Foundation. Music-and-word programme around Luc Peire's work by Wouter M. Hessels and Marc Peire.
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Photo Els Soetaert

14.10.2007 Architecture Day 2007

On Architecture Day, Sunday 14 October 2007, the doors of the new building (the 'Safe'), studio and bungalow of the Luc Peire Foundation in the De Judestraat in Knokke were opened to the public. Architecture Day was an initiative of the Flemish Architecture Institute (vai), held under the motto "An inside look at extraordinary buildings”.

The visitors were of course given the opportunity on that day to enter Luc Peire's
Environnement I: at once an extraordinary space in an extraordinary building!
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Photo Anneke Peire

27.03.2010 ARENDSOOGMATINEE at the Luc Peire Foundation
During the matinee on Saturday, March 27, 2010, organized by Arendsoog (Eagle's eye)(TV + Video Producers / dir. Jan Smekens) at the Luc Peire Foundation, soprano Sarah Peire and pianist Jimmy Quintens presented a programme under the original title of "Luc Peire's sounding paintings".
Paintings by Luc Peire, whose names recall a musical connotation, served as inspiration for the composition of an extraordinarily varied programme.

Besides the concert, guests were treated to a tour of the Peire Luc Foundation, a reception in the garden and a walking dinner.
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