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Summer Exhibition 2003 (05.07 - 14.09)

05.07.2003 Opening of the new building (the 'Safe') and the renovated atelier by Paul Van Grembergen, Flemish Minister of Home Affairs, Culture, Youth and Civil Service Matters.
In August 2003 the new 'Peire Safe' building won an ex aequo in the quadrennial architecture competition of the Province of West Flanders.
On November 29, 2003 the prize was awarded during a formal session in Ostend.

Subsequently the project was presented at the exhibition 'Contemporary architecture in West Flanders' in the Venetiaanse Gaanderijen (Venetian Galleries) in Ostend (29.11.2003 - 02.29.2004) and subsequently in the Broelmuseum in Kortrijk (03.06 - 02.05.2004).

A second award for the new Jenny & Luc Peire Foundation building followed on 8 January 2004 in the form of the quinquennial Prix Pierre Carsoel of the Académie Royale des Sciences, des Lettres& des Beaux-Arts de Belgique.On Saturday, 27 November 2004 the prize diploma (ex aequo) was presented to the architect duo Peter De Bruycker - Inge De Brock at a formal session of the Académie Royale in Brussels.

Chairman Roland De Brock, minister Paul Van Grembergen, board member Marc Dubois. Photo Marc Peire

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Photo Kristien Daem

Het Laatste Nieuws 07.07.2003

Het Laatste Nieuws
(Brugge Oostkust edition)  01.12.2003

From the guest book ... 2003

From the opening (July 5, 2003) there has been a guest book in the exhibition area of the Jenny & Luc Peire Foundation. Many visitors write in it their admiration, appreciation, memories.Some testimonies are in picture form.

A great tribute to Jenny and Luc Peire! It was very impressive.I am impressed especially by the much fine work undertaken to bring this museum into being. A feather in the organizers' cap. P dK (07/05/2003)

What especially strikes us is the perfect harmony between Luc Peire's work that radiates peace and great sensitivity, and the modern, timeless architecture of the building. M&G M-DB (11.07.2003)

Si l’architecture se met au service de l’art… et se laisse inspirer de l’Art… quelle belle expérience. (When architecture places itself at the service of art ... and draws its inspiration from Art ... what a beautiful experience.) D&M&K G (26.07.2003)

‘Le corps est le lieu silencieux des mémoires de la mémoire’ ('The body is the silent place of memory's memory') GB (08.2003)

…fenêtre sur notre art moderne, dans un lieu de silence et de verdure, incitant à la réflexion. (... a window onto our modern art, in a place of silence and greenery, encouraging reflection.) U (28/08/2003)

04.07 - 12.09.2004 Summer Exhibition 2 x Space 'Luc Peire - Gaston Bertrand"

Work by Gaston Bertrand in the exhibition area. Photo Marc Peire

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Work by Luc Peire in the 'safe'. Photo Anneke Peire

From the guest book ...2004

An exceptionally beautiful ensemble of art and architecture. Here Luc Peire's work is lifted high in a dignified and very successful way ... a faithful reflection of his strong inclination towards verticalism.Gaston Bertrand's work is a rich addition. JP G (04.07.2004)

Cela reste un plaisir intense de revoir cet endroit après l’inauguration en 2003. (It remains an intense pleasure to see this place again after the inauguration in 2003). L’accrochage parfait des œuvres de Luc Peire où on ressent si bien l’être humain en tant critère de forme et d’espace. (The perfect hanging of Luc Peire's works where one senses so well the human being as the criterion of form and space.) V&B C (07.2004)

Wir sind begeistert von der gelungenen Verbindung zwischen Luc Peire’s Kunst und der Architektur des neuen Ausstellungsgebäudes. Der Geist der Kunst lebt in der Form weiter. (We are delighted at the successful link between Luc Peire's art and the architecture of the new exhibition building. The spirit of art lives on in the shape.) P&U R  (20.07.2004)

Beautiful works, in a superb architecture.The building has the same balance as the work. Materials are carefully thought out. Beautiful. M-D (23.07.04)

Merci pour cette visite très originale. Charlotte avec son opa (Thank you for this highly original visit. Charlotte with her grandad) (08.2004)

Superbe confrontation de deux grands artistes belges (Superb confrontation de two great Belgian artists) GL C(08.2004)

In Knokke, this banal town where only the sea, sky and the Zwarte Huis art gallery were worth the effort, this gem is now a relief for eye, ear, mind and feeling. Thank you for this rare poetic experience!... (09.10.2004)

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02.07 - 11.09.2005 Summer Exhibition Luc Peire 'Close-up

Photo Els Soetaert

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From the guest book ...2005

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07.07 – 16.09.2007 Summer exhibition ‘Luc Peire. Environment & Graphie'

07.07.2007 Presentation of Book with DVD 'Luc Peire's Environment' (Jean Mil & Marc Peire) by poet-reciter Wouter M. Hessels.

Photo Marc Dubois

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Cover of book with DVD 'Luc Peire's Environment' by Jean Mil and Marc Peire. Photo Jean Mil

VIDEO Presentation (1:40 min.)
Book & DVD 'Luc Peire's Environment' are on sale at the KIOSK, click here.

From the guest book ...2007

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29.03 - 07.06.2009 Photographer and video artist Yves Coussement at the Jenny & Luc Peire Foundation. In collaboration with the Knokke-Heist International Photography Festival

Photo Marc Peire

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From the guest book ...2009

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25.06 - 04.09.2011 Summer Exhibition curated by Marc Dubois: 'Luc Peire - Mathias Goeritz / Environments – Ambiente / Kim Zwarts Photos / opening of "Luc Peire" Garden Room'

Vernissage 25.06.2011. Photo Anneke Peire

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De Standaard 03-04.09.2011

25.06 - 04.09.2011

Photo Kim Zwarts

Photo Kim Zwarts

Photo Kim Zwarts

Photo Kim Zwarts

Garden Room with Environnement I (1967) by Luc Peire. Photo Kim Zwarts

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From the guest book ...2011

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